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No fortune nuts in the SE version

[Post New]by ledheadmelli on Jul 1, 13 7:09 PM
The walkthrough, several players and BFG personnel are all saying that there are collectible fortune nuts in the SE version, but my demo of the SE did not have them.

I played the CE demo, just to see if I could have missed them the first time, but they are very obvious! Not a chance I missed the big one on top of the racket or the one next to the dragonfly box!

I am on the fence with this as I'd really like to buy this and play it right now, but if I don't have nuts in my SE version while others do, I am going to be very upset!

Who has bought the SE version and has collectible fortune nuts? Who doesn't have the nuts in their SE version?

It being Monday, I guess I will buy it regardless, but I will be asking for a patch or refund if I don't get what everyone else claims to get in their versions!

ETA: I purchased the SE version. I saw the fortune nut laying on top of the tennis racket for a second, then, blink! it was gone! No nut near the bees, nothing in front of the dragonfly box. I will wait for a response here before contacting tech support.

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Re:No fortune nuts in the SE version

[Post New]by SeaBamboo on Jul 2, 13 4:11 AM
Definitely no fortune nuts in the SE version, the walkthrough is wrong

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Re:No fortune nuts in the SE version

[Post New]by FrauMeike on Jul 13, 13 1:52 AM
No fortune nuts in my SE, either.
It seems as if the walkthrough is misleading which is totally disappointing.
The screenshots seem to stem from the CE as you can tell by the strategy guide in the lower left corner.

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