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[Post New]by grandmoma on Jul 2, 13 9:36 AM
i cannot get rid of the bats and such.....keep shooting at them, and they keep going.
Is there a secret to how to hit them?



[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Sep 10, 13 8:48 AM
Hi grandmoma,

Fast click on them steadily and they will disappear. However, that is very hard on the fingers. I loved the 50 minutes I played of the demo and wanted to purchase the game, but the fast clicking on the pests was so tiring to my fingers that I realized I needed to pass on it.

I wish developers would not add features to their games that are so tiring to the fingers. Or... that they would offer in the OPTIONS section a place where players who did not enjoy the fast-clicking could opt out of it. Had the game been set up in a way that would require only one click to rid the screen of the pests, I would have been okay with them.

I'm so disappointed. I've been wanting a new Match-3 and this would have been the one were it not for the need to fast-click on the pests.

Hope the info in the first paragraph is of help to you, Grandmoma, and that you will enjoy the game!


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