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Bonus game

[Post New]by debrob904 on Jul 3, 13 4:45 AM
Lost all my inventory what happened?

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Re:Bonus game

[Post New]by WilJul on Jul 3, 13 10:24 PM
Hi debrob904! Welcome to the pond!
I can't say for sure what happened. You could try exiting the game and going back in to see if your inventory has reappeared. If that doesn't work, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling in case a file was corrupted, this can help restore it. You can copy and paste this URL to get to a page that will explain how to do that:

Lastly, if none of those work you might have to get in touch with tech support. You can get started with that by clicking on the green envelope to the right of these posts, then look on the left hand side of the next page for "Still need help? Contact us" and click on that to get to the report page.

I hope this helps and good luck!


Re:Bonus game

[Post New]by KozmicBlues on Jul 24, 13 4:52 PM
I can't get the handle, mi imp doesn't activate...


Re:Bonus game

[Post New]by Tmodelr on Aug 10, 13 4:17 PM
Hi KozmicBlues. Did you try to add the chain to the grate and then your
imp will be able to get the handle for you?

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