Egyptian hierogplyhs

[Post New]by CarolFlynt on Jul 4, 13 7:42 AM
I have solved the three upper puzzles. The bottom puzzle is revealed (the code appears to be three squiggly lines) but I can't get the columns to move. I have
pressed above and below, both of which give me the blue cursor, but neither works.

I still have the duster, and I have tried to use it, but it still doesn't let the tiles move.

I have all the objects.

I have read all the old conversations, and none answers this specific question. The closest answer I get is that I should press above, not below, but that's not working for me, either.

Many thanks.

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Re:Egyptian hierogplyhs

[Post New]by alfresco on Jul 30, 13 2:36 PM
Use the duster on the three marks below the upper puzzles. Then the lower puzzle will work.


Re:Egyptian hierogplyhs

[Post New]by CarolFlynt on Aug 6, 13 10:09 AM
Thanks! That was indeed the solution.



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