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Complete video walkthrough available

[Post New]by sipason on Jul 5, 13 5:44 PM
The most important thing is, using only shovel(work speed boost) and clock(time freeze) bonuses. Others won't help that much.

Also, upgrade buildings only if you really have to.
2 same buildings are cheaper than 1 upgraded building.

For the walkthrough, please search youtube or google by 'Rush for Gold: Alaska (number)' if you're interested in.

The strategies in the vids are not really optimized, but it would be enough to beat the level with three stars, I guess... A few tweaks may do a better job, though.

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Re:Complete video walkthrough available

[Post New]by _Andreww_ on Jul 5, 13 11:08 PM
Great work!


Re:Complete video walkthrough available

[Post New]by artisticsoul on Jul 6, 13 9:42 AM
I Google searched and also searched on YouTube but could not find level 4 walk-through. I have tried and tried to reach 3 stars on this level and can not. Please help. I am the type who doesn't move on, especially so early in the game, until I reach the 3 stars. However, in the meantime, thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for the walk-through on all the levels you did post.


Re:Complete video walkthrough available

[Post New]by GameGirlGeorgia on Jul 13, 13 9:22 AM
Sipason--I watch all your videos. They've been SO helpful. Thank you!

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