Stuck in bridal suite

[Post New]by edek123 on Jul 5, 13 8:20 PM
Somehow I managed to collect all of the items that needed to be tidied up except the incense stick and holder, I put everything in place, lit all the lanterns and was able to place the torch on the wall. Now I realized I never collected the incense or incense holder but I cannot even find them. I looked at the walkthroughs online, but the incense does not appear for me in the place that all of the walkthroughs indicate it should be. Even if I could find it, the torch is now stuck on the wall. Do I need to start the whole game all over again? That would be a pretty big disappointment... :-(


Re:Stuck in bridal suite

[Post New]by Lacemaker0 on Oct 15, 13 2:02 PM
Sorry you made need to restart. When I tried to put the lit torch on the wall before I had finished using it I got a message saying that you may need that and I could not attach to the wall until I had done everything first.

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