Buying Floaters

[Post New]by mrxoxox on Jul 7, 13 2:06 AM
Why would you be unable to buy floating pirates,aliens,pangolin warriers,and the others? I could not buy ANYONE of them...that's ridiculous....the updated version primarily creates problems for the players.This game is designed to try to make you spend dollars....whats going to happen is people are just going to stop playing it at all if big fish don't stop doing grimy stuff

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Re:Buying Floaters

[Post New]by euphoria on Jul 7, 13 3:35 AM
I don't understand why you would want to "buy" floaters. They are always there; once you banish one, it shows up again in about 20 seconds.


Re:Buying Floaters

[Post New]by afunnyfarm on Jul 7, 13 5:37 AM
i believe the person is talking about buying bombs etc so you can banish a certain about of the floaters. say if you need to banish 20 pirates and you don't have 20 bombs, you can click on the pirate and banish it for 750 coins

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