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This game as COTW

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Jul 8, 13 12:20 AM
Hi there,
I would like to highly recommend this game to those of you who haven't already purchased it.
At this price it is a steal - but even better if you have a PCC waiting to be used - get the game for "free" and an extra punch for your next card.
Check out the reviews etc here.
Please note: the Trial is a sample version and will finish at a certain point in the game, probably in under an hour as is generally the case.
GIve the game a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Re:This game as COTW

[Post New]by alvertis5706 on Jul 8, 13 2:12 PM
I second that recommendation. This game was sitting in my game manager forever, and I finally got around to playing it, and am just finishing it up now. Many of the reviewers don't like "all the talking", but I like a story-driven game; and this story is so unusual compared to everything else out there. You won't see the usual scenes that every other H0G game seems to have (the courtyard, the cemetary, that dratted front door), and you'll probably learn a little about electricity. There are a number of machines to reactivate, so if you are mechanically inclined, and love gears in your games; you'll probably like this one. There were a few of the minigames that repeated, and which I found tedious with that repeating; so I did skip a few near the end. All in all, this would be $2.99 well spent.

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