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warning on spending real money

[Post New]by schnauzmom on Jul 8, 13 4:39 PM
I would never ever ever spend any real money on this game because of the fact that I have had to start over at least four times and lost all progress I had made up till that time. If I had spent money to buy gold it would be gone gone gone. I like the game but get so flustrated that I have to start over all the time.

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Re:warning on spending real money

[Post New]by LunyKimberly on Jul 8, 13 5:38 PM
You might want to talk to tech support about that. I know if you use the 'Start New Game' button on the main screen it carries over your silver and gold coin count (minus the 20(?) gold coins it uses to start the new game). And everything I've read here on the boards has given the impression that if you uninstall/reinstall the game due to problems, your silver/gold count carries over as well.

Unless the game somehow completely corrupted the file that stores that information or you deleted the folder when reinstalling (which by default on Windows is in a subfolder of a hidden system User folder, not under the default install path in Program Files), you're coin counts should carry over to a new game.

Yeah, you loose all level, energy, and game progress that you've got to start over with that but the coin counts should carry over. I've deliberately used that in my favor a couple times - built up a good silver/gold count in a game, sold everything I could to increase my silver count some more, then started a new game with a couple million in silver and several hundred in gold.

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