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Annoying berries

[Post New]by Gembirdie on Jul 8, 13 7:59 PM
Hello everybody!

Is it just me or do you also have to wait innumerable times for the berries to grow because there are no other ways to get the food resources that you need?

I've just finished the trial version. Does it get better farther into the game or does the food stay a bottleneck for finishing tasks?

I think waiting for the berries to grow is pretty annoying. If it doesn't get better in subsequent levels, I won't buy the game... so please - I need your feedback, fishies!

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Re:Annoying berries

[Post New]by ricoblade on Jul 9, 13 12:59 AM
Hi - I don't think you ever need to rely on the Berries. ON most levels you build a Silver generating building then a Food generating building and away you go. The Berries and Fish are a food "bonus" IMHO.


Re:Annoying berries

[Post New]by katey_24 on Oct 12, 13 4:10 PM
Thanks for this thread I had a better look at the level I was on and realised I could demolish a building I didn't need and build the farm I did need for food.

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