Made 9 out of 10 truffles

[Post New]by Browneyegirl99 on Mar 4, 09 9:21 AM
So...I have 10 truffle recipes, I have made 9 of them and delivered them to everyone I can think of. I cannot make the 10th truffle until I find Sesame Seeds. Someone else posted that they show up in Tangiers after you have gotten coffee blends from Evangeline.

The truffles I have made are: Lemon Raspberry, Spicy Currant, Cameroonian Dark Truffles with Saffron, Specialty Cacao Espresso, Peruvian Cacao Cardamom & Nutmeg, White Chocolate, Honey Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Wasabi Cashew. What am I missing?

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Re:Made 9 out of 10 truffles

[Post New]by juliamadeane on Mar 4, 09 11:23 AM
Has Evangeline sent you to South America to give truffles to the guy in the Andes Mountains. She will send you there and I forget just which truffles you need to take to him. But I believe that is what triggers the sesame seeds to be made available in Tangiers.

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Re:Made 9 out of 10 truffles

[Post New]by Sunbreak on Mar 4, 09 12:56 PM
If you havent done so go back and see the lady in San Francisco, I think she has the last one.
I really love this game. My Bday is Friday and BF couldnt have provided a better present, loved the first two as well.
I am curious as to what other people consider an okay total for making chocolates. IMHO the making of chocolate has gotten much better with the evolution of the game. I tend to opt for coffee recipes in the creations due to the fact that I enjoy the challange of the mini game to make them.

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