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Can't use flint to light torch in crypt

[Post New]by anges35 on Jul 9, 13 11:29 AM
iPad version:

Most of the scenes are very dark and it's hard to find some objects.... I am in the crypt for the first time, clicked on the flint which went into inventory, clicked on the coffin to get the ring, put the ring on the 'invisible' hook (I couldn't see it) but dragged the ring around the carpet until it found the hook and attached.

I have identified that I have clicked on the torch- get message it 'needs a few sparks.' But attempts to have the flint light the torch failed, so I can't go down to the basement.

I tried the usual 'move flint around' because some inventory attachments aren't always right on, but so far, I cannot light the torch. Has anyone come across this problem and found a fix?

EDIT: Found the problem>> strike the flint to the right of the torch, not touching the torch at all. Guess I didn't move it far enough away!

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