Need Help with Lvl 21 Please!

[Post New]by pluckylickyduck on Jul 9, 13 11:34 AM
I have done this lvl so many times. I just miss it by a nano-sec. Could someone plse tell me how to get gold on this lvl. Which order to do things in? Thanks

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Re:Need Help with Lvl 21 Please!

[Post New]by jayel48 on May 13, 14 8:19 PM
Well, I'll give it a try.
Clear one pile of wood toward stuck worker.
Build the café and collect the food.
Free the stuck worker. and clear out all the other stuff in that section.
Wait for food, then build the bridge to the right.
Get food then clear the first 2 wood piles.
clear another wood pile and pick up the stacked logs.
Build the wood shop and pick up food.
Repair the house on the left and collect the last log pile.
Collect the gold on the right, the gold from the house and the stacked logs.
Get all resources as soon as they appear
Clear the small stones before the bridge with the trapped worker. and get food.
build the bridge to free your guy.
pick up stacked logs at workshop, gold at the 1st house, and food
clear 2 wood piles. Repair the café and the house.
Pick up all loose resources, then repair the dock
repair road toward gold and start rescuing soon as you have enough gold
Take out small rock toward bridge on the west
get Gold from southern road, clear road to gem and build bridges toward last gem.
Take out the small rock on front of the gem and take the gem.
Run like the wind back to the camp.

I think I had 2 seconds to spare for gold. Good luck.

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