Tesla coil

[Post New]by Debbear on Jul 9, 13 9:59 PM
How do I activate the tesla coil? When I click on it nothing happens. I have created a path to it, but my walker just turns around when he gets there. What am I missing?

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Re:Tesla coil

[Post New]by Frogmort on Jul 10, 13 5:15 AM
A shame you can't post a picture Debbear.

I'm a newcomer to this game, but I have paths going up to the right end of the orange strip off the Tesla machine and also likewise at the left end of the orange strip. I also have one coming in at right angles straight onto the dark orange pad.

I have no path running parralel to the orange strip.

My walkers seem to use all of the ways through the orange tesla strip.

Maybe you need at least one 1X1 tile the other side of the Tesla strip to lure the walkers across? ie 2 path exit/entry points, not just one?

You should start with a blue button with a mains symbol on it, which you click on. After that you see a blue bar which fills quite quickly, then you wait for walkers to pass through.

After the scientist has been ecto-zapped, you get a question mark on the Tesla which you must click on to get your reward. If you are in daylight mode you will receive (randomly) energy or silver, if you are in night mode you will receive energy or juju.

Hope that helps, good luck!


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Re:Tesla coil

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Jul 10, 13 5:23 AM
Hmmmm, that is odd Debbear!

I would definitely follow the excellent advice that Frogmort has offered and I just wanted to offer a final suggestion.

I had a similar issue a few days back that cropped up while I was reorganizing my grounds. For me, just moving the coil resolved whatever was causing my walker to turn back rather than cross over it.

All I did was open inventory, clicked on it to move it, moved it across the screen and then set it down on the same place again. That did the trick so it worth trying just in case the game was a little confused when that item was placed.

Good luck - I hope you get to electrocute Tesla soon!



Re:Tesla coil

[Post New]by mishaquilts on Jul 12, 13 6:23 PM
I wanted to thank you guys for the info. I have been trying to figure out how to get the Tesla coil working since day 1. There are also some other attractions that have sidewalks that work the same way. Thanks again.


Re:Tesla coil

[Post New]by Debbear on Jul 13, 13 1:16 PM
Thanks everyone. I changed the location and relocated the paths and it work great now.

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