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Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Jul 10, 13 12:42 AM
Hi Fishies!

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Jul 10, 13 12:42 AM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by Livibop on Jul 10, 13 2:21 AM
Love this game!!

It's kind of a standard 'service' type game, only from the bakers perspective.

It's easy enough at the start, there are plenty of tutorials, and there are mini-games to break it up a bit.

I am guessing as there are more items to make it may become a bit of a click-fest, but I don't mind that.

Cutr graphics and story too.

I'll buy after my 60 min runs out!

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Jul 10, 13 3:59 AM

This game can be tad hair tearing, some actions can used right click (which is better for control) and some not. I was at level 20 and I had 2 ovens, and I had 4 types of bread to prepare, although doughnut is fried. (NO SPOILERS, all based on1hr trial)

Mini games are pipe connection but ok to pass thru as well as HOS. A bit frustrating if u are not good at pips connection. Skipping the mini games will not gain u more pts, so play at it and gain more bonuses, Some powerups to get (w/o $) at certain stage eg faster oven, more patience. etc

MOST TMG can be hair tearing, here the graphics is great, u cant replay mini games if u skip or completed it, while u have just completed b4 going off, click replay if u are not happy with the results.

Some TMG are cuter than others, although this is not necessarily so, characters look like ordinary ppl (which is ok), but I love it when developers gussied up different characters eg a clown, a band of musicians etc, it would add to the fun factor. Or maybe a hungry cutesy puppy, a cutesy gal, two naughty boys, etc as customers?

Besides cookies for impatience customers, what abt items like ballons, lolly pops, etc, Instead of decorations, what abt cakes, ice cream, different cookies. Its irksome when I cant use right click to apply strawberry cream or put on sprinklers etc. but introduce other items, like more ovens for both breads and cakes and cookies, sandwiches and bakery assistants?

What a chore, I would have quit cold if I am given a bakery and had to do from A to Z by myself. Its not logical at all. Ever realised that there are at least 4-5 staff in the bakery even if its a neighbour mon-pop bakery shop? (which is likely dad as baker, wife as cashier, and shop decorator, son to help replace inventory and setup more orders, daughter/grandmom that cleans up after customers, grandmom/granddad, daughter that help customers select items

URGGGHhhh,,,,,I think developers shld hire me on a temporary basis to brainstorm ideas,


Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by Blooming_Lilac on Jul 10, 13 4:27 AM
This is a cute fairy-tale themed game with colorful graphics. I enjoyed what little I played of it, but it gets difficult to finish levels with a perfect score VERY early in the game.

There are some other game modes to unlock, including endless and expert. I'd hate to even try expert mode if I'm not going to have any help. Unfortunately, I didn't play long enough to find out when those extra modes are unlocked.

You can right click to serve customers. That's a nice feature.

Music is nice. I turned it down low. Sounds are pleasant.

I was on level 4 with one oven and two types of bread. Had to replay twice and still didn't get a perfect score. Customers become impatient too soon and I didn't have any cookies left to pacify them. You have to set your bread down and left click glaze, then left click sprinkles, and sometimes when you right click, the item doesn't go to the customer who's been waiting the longest.

There was a hidden object mini-game for extra points/items. You can replay a mini-game if you haven't moved on to the next level. Items are small, but not too hard to find in the time allotted.

I think this game will be best for expert TM fans. I've played quite a few and while I can normally get expert or gold, I don't believe it's possible for me with this game.


Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by Sugarypuff on Jul 10, 13 4:45 AM
I have been waiting for a good TM and this is it!

Graphics are cute and I like the story too! Sometimes it gets fast-paced, but I always breezed through if I tried my best.

The tutorials are good and I didn't have problems with playing. Right-clicking really helps to get the pastries to the customers faster. I don't really like HOGs so the minigames weren't my cup of tea, but they can be skipped. I played through the test and I am going to buy the game.

This game reminds me of Burger and Cake shop. I would recommend it warmly!

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by Janette5 on Jul 10, 13 5:25 AM
I think the developers of this game did everything just right.

For everything there is a tutorial but also a skip button. The graphics are clear it is easy to see what everything is.

You have three customers at a time - up to the level that I played - level 15. When one leaves he/she is replaced. Therefore you have to pay attention to what you're doing to serve the right customer first. They have different levels of patience so you also cannot serve first-come first-served either. The right-click will automatically deliver an order to the most impatient customer but it is up to you to prepare the orders in the correct order.

There is some preparation and decoration but up to the level I played things cannot burn which to me made it fun rather than stressful.

The mini games have a purpose - the hidden object gives you cookies that increases the customer patience, the pipe games give you added time to prepare things ahead of time. Although you have the option to skip them as well.

This game will require a lot of fast clicking but also a lot of strategy and I think it will be quite a fun challenge. I'm very impressed with this game.

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by BFFirefly on Jul 10, 13 8:05 AM
Baking for Success is reminiscent of Hotdog Hotshots where you're behind the counter filling orders as the customers step up and order from the counter. Instead of 6 customers, you have 3, and the ability to right click to send a finished product to the customer and/or send products to the oven. You'll need that right clicking to keep up later. I found it helped to have items already cooked and ready to go with toppings added as the customer ordered them and that helped immensely with not getting too far behind.

The tutorial is absolutely great in introducing new items and how to use them. It walks you through it with a play through before moving into the level.

The mini-games were HO & fix the pipes. The HO's were pretty easy but fixing the pipes required a second try on a couple on my part but you can retry a mini-game to get the bonus, if the time runs out. Once you exit out of or skip the mini-game you are done with it and can't go back to replay it.

You also get to buy patience for your customers and faster machines, which helps as you reach the higher levels requiring more actions.

Great little game with future replayability that many TM players may find very challenging and fun. I think the Devs did a great job of using the KISS method, Keep It Simple Stupid. The game gets progressively challenging, so don't let what appears to be the simplicity of the game fool you. You'll be pulling your hair out in no time trying to keep up.

Edited to clarify a sentence better.

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by mkastor on Jul 10, 13 8:19 AM
This is a fun game with a lot of different things to do. Not repetitive or dull. The mini games are fun and can get challenging. A buy for me!

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by simlady40 on Jul 10, 13 10:03 AM
Great I am enjoying it, bought it after the trial, love TM games when they get harder as levels go on, a good challenge. I would recommend it if you like TM games.

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by Imberis on Jul 10, 13 2:07 PM
I won't add too much to the prior reviews except to say I'm glad to see a real time management game! (Don't get me wrong, I like builder games, but it's not the same.)

The game is cute, and I enjoy the gameplay. It's kind of like Cake Mania, but from a first person perspective instead of third person. You control all of the actions, and it's like you're doing it yourself.

There are achievements, but none of them are anything weird, and I suspect that you'll get them all just by playing the game.

The mini-games are also cute and fun. You can skip them if you like, but you get extra helpful goods for completing them.

The game plays smoothly and it's really easy to get all of the actions down right. I appreciate the usage of the right clicking to send items straight to customers!

All in all, this is a very fun time management game, and it's the best one I've seen in a long time!

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by lilTweet7 on Jul 10, 13 3:15 PM
A sweet little baking game. Graphics are colorful & charming. Story is the usual...
girl saves grand parents bakery, girl meets boy, falls in love, etc. Nothing really different there, but the game play is fun. Starts out slow, but then as levels increase, there is more of a challenge, which is not difficult, but still fun. On higher levels you have more ingredients to bake with.

There are also two basic mini games... finding items, and some mechanical repairs, which is basically connecting pipes in the proper working direction. You
have the option of skipping the mini games if you wish to.

Once you finished playing in the story mode, you will unlock the expert, challenge, and endless mode. There are also achievements to win/gain.

No technical problems or glitches experienced, and the game ran smoothly on my computer. It was also a fairly fast install and activation.

Really a cute little game, and fun!

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by Persistent_Cat on Jul 10, 13 8:26 PM
BFFirefly wrote:Baking for Success is reminiscent of Hotdog Hotshots where you're behind the counter filling orders as the customers step up and order from the counter.

This comment caused me to demo the game and I was not disappointed. Hotdog Hotshots is a great game. I bought this game after about 20 minutes of the demo.

The storyline is basic but I'm grateful. Nothing is worse than the newer Emily games where the story is front and centre and every now and then there's a level to play.

Customers come to your counter and order and you prepare what they ask for. As the game progresses, the orders get more intricate, as well, more food/drink items are added. This keeps the pace moving very quickly.

In between levels are two mini-games, one is a hidden object hunt, which lets you earn cookies to make customers patient, and a connect-the-pipes game, which gives you a few extra seconds at the beginning of each level so you can prepare before customers arrive. Fear not, however, as you can skip these. I like pipe puzzles so I don't mind them.

I love the right-click feature, makes everything move faster. I sometimes right-click over something instead of left-clicking but that's my fault, not the game's. I find the hot spots might be a little too sensitive, as a few times I thought I had delivered an item to a customer, only to see it was still on the plate. Maybe that's just me.

Overall, great game. I would still be playing but I have to go to sleep now and I need some time for my brain to unwind, otherwise the game plays over and over in my mind and I don't sleep well.

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by easterday99 on Jul 11, 13 9:45 AM
I am truly enjoying this game and I agree with the other reviews. So happy to have a real TM game after a long time without one. I wish they still made more of these games for PC. It seems like more and more they are making games for IPad and such.

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by kathy909 on Jul 11, 13 1:49 PM
This is a really nice time management game. One thing i really like about it is the customers are not obnoxious like in so many of them. I am really enjoying this also..

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Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by rncurtin on Jul 13, 13 3:48 PM
I loved this game. Thank you for putting it on Big Fish. The graphics are fun, music is not annoying and the story line is sweet.

I agree with all the other reviews but wanted to add a thank you!

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Re:Reviews for Baking Success

[Post New]by McKoehn on Oct 16, 13 5:13 PM
Love this game... great fun! The "problems" I am having are about slow response to my clicking... perhaps it is my computer. Sometimes I have to click 3 times to get something to respond. And sometimes I have to move very slow to make sure I have the arrow right over the center of an item, or the item next to it gets picked up instead, even though the arrow is definitely over the item I am trying to pick up.

Those are just minor annoyances that keep me from getting a perfect score. I am enjoying the game, and I think it is basically a 5 star (out of 5 stars) game.

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