Problem with game loading!

[Post New]by pmcelreavy on Jul 12, 13 6:08 AM
I've just purchased this game through Steam.

Upon launching the game, it opens on my secondary monitor (it is the only game that does that) which is not what is expected.

Secondly, if I try to play the game, clicking on the "Click here to enter your name" does not even work. I can click all I want and nothing happens.

Thank you for your help!


Re:Problem with game loading!

[Post New]by pmcelreavy on Jul 15, 13 5:29 AM
If I switch my main monitor to the second monitor, I am able to start the game. I then changed the game into windowed mode, brought it back to the original main monitor.

This worked. But as soon as I put the game into fullscreen mode, it no longer works.

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