robot parts

[Post New]by igotochurch on Jul 18, 13 7:35 AM
where are the robot parts? please help me I think I like the game but I have to be able to get off of the first screen.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:robot parts

[Post New]by gmasw on Jul 19, 13 2:40 PM
I found them all but the right arm. Any suggestions anyone?

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Re:robot parts

[Post New]by senevabu on Feb 19, 14 10:58 PM
The right arm is part of the right hand. Look at the upper left part of the right hand. Pick it up and attach it, you'll see that the arm is the small white knob with a small section of white pipe.

It took me a while to see it.

I thought something was wrong with the game and re-installed it.

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