Gold mine

[Post New]by Ottiee030 on Jul 18, 13 10:18 AM
I have won the first purple star but i don't know hot to go to the goldmine.
Can somebody help me?


Re:Gold mine

[Post New]by ilias3 on Jul 18, 13 11:23 AM
same here....this "public transport" is annoying...u cant go to other places that are out of the railways,the river or the roads that are not visited by the stagecoach....i dont know?!!!


Re:Gold mine

[Post New]by Happy_Ours1 on Jul 20, 13 8:13 PM

I think it is in Lubbock, one of the yellow cities, a lady tells you that you can play for a carriage. I think you have to accomplish something first; I can't remember...Anyway, once you have this carriage (horse included), you must click on the area of the map that you want to go to, and you'll see the image of your character driving this carriage to that destination.

I hope this helps!!

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