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Possible glitch(es)

[Post New]by unknitter on Jul 19, 13 8:51 AM
Early in the game in the scenes outside of and inside the classroom I did things a bit out of the order shown in the walkthrough. I picked up the stick in the classroom and combined it with the rake, which was already in my inventory. I should have used the stick first to get the eraser, because after combining it with the rake I couldn't get the eraser to use on the blackboard. After fiddling with this and reviewing the walkthrough to make sure I wasn't missing other steps, I finally ended up starting over with a new profile.

I've done things out of order in other games, which could be a little confusing but it always worked out as I progressed. I'm not sure if this is a real glitch but I couldn't find any way around it except to start over. I got through the rest of the game okay, but I'd recommend trying to do things in the right order throughout.

One other thing that almost made me give up on this game was that purple stalagmite! It took about fifty whacks with the knife before it did what it was supposed to do. I kept getting the message to try something else, but according to the walkthrough it was the right thing to do and it finally did work.


Re:Possible glitch(es)

[Post New]by BigFishFan1389 on Aug 27, 13 12:15 PM
I found the HTML was wrote that way to make it harder for those who play the games in Hardcore. Makes you think you are doing something wrong. Just place yourself in there shoes and it will work out OK.

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Re:Possible glitch(es)

[Post New]by sammebuck on Sep 2, 14 7:44 AM
Another one....in the HOS scene where you are required to build the volcano; if you put the knife together and cut the corn before you pick up the clay for the volcano, you will have to start over....it won't give you the clay. Last Otherworld game I'll play. Tired of starting over. Instructions on games are funky too.

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