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Problem with Bonus game

[Post New]by melmer1423 on Jul 20, 13 8:44 AM
Okay, I've purchased this game, and played it all the way to the end, then started on the bonus feature (yes, I bought the Collector's Edition!). The SG says to pick up the amulet and open it, which I did. Then, nothing. The game just froze. I've tried to un-install and re-install, but nothing changes. This not the first time this has happened with a game I've purchased. I try the trial version, so I don't get anywhere near the end, so this is not just annoying, but downright frustrating (and my poor cats bear the brunt of this). I've lost count of how many times this has happened, and it's got to stop!. So, now what can you do for me?

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