Game information lost!

[Post New]by atmoshie4 on Jul 22, 13 8:08 PM
I have been playing fairway solitaire for quite some time and all my game information is gone. I had almost all the levels beat and many of the daily challenges conquered. I am not happy that I spent money on some of the extras and now it is all gone! I loaded an update one day and now everything is gone! Not a happy customer!!!!

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Re:Game information lost!

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Jul 23, 13 1:52 AM
Hi atmoshie4,

Welcome to the Pond!

I am sorry to hear that, I assure you we will do our best to help you with this.

So that we can take a look at what has gone one here, I would suggest getting in touch with Tech Support and letting them know if you are playing the PC, iOS or Android version of this game, so that they can provide the right support for you from the outset.

Finally as this is a game specific tech matter, I will be moving it over to the Fairway ™ Collector's Edition Forum and locking this thread to keep things tidy and you can repost that issue in the dedicated tech thread for that game here if you like.

I hope this helps and that this is resolved for you soon.


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