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level 25

[Post New]by danilon on Jul 23, 13 4:33 AM
anyone finish 25 please help

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Re:level 25

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Jul 23, 13 1:52 PM
You will start with 3 open Lots, a Sawmill and a Workshop
You will end with 8 painted Cabins w/lights, 1 painted Colonial w/lights, 1 Workshop w/efficiency, 1 Substation, and 1 Cemetery. You will also build and sell 1 Farmhouse and 1 Mansion. As with any level, the starting configuration is variable. But for simplicity sake, I assume the starting configuration is with an open lot that you own on the top leftmost lot, next to the Sawmill.
You need not upgrade any house.
- Build a Farmhouse (not next to the Workshop or Sawmill) and put up for sale. Demolish Workshop.
- Buy 5,000 Wood.
- Build Workshop next to the Sawmill and buy Efficiency Training
- Build Mansion and sell
- Buy 2,500 Wood and demolish Sawmill
- Start buying anything except Farmhouses and the Mansion as they become available
- When the Victorian becomes available, buy, demolish, and build a Cemetery
- Immediately Inspect any other house you buy.
- Build a Cabin and immediately Inspect for any Lot you buy
- Build a Substation on the old Sawmill Lot
- Paint Cabins and Colonial
- Install Lights in Cabins and Colonial
You are done.

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