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level 28

[Post New]by danilon on Jul 23, 13 2:51 PM

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Re:level 28

[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Jul 24, 13 5:38 AM
Hi danilon and welcome,

- build a mansion somewhere; upgrade to 2 stars and sell;
-demolish the substation on the premier lot and rebuild elsewhere;
-build a sawmill;
-buy the existing cabins by offering double if they don't come up quickly enough and light them;
-build the mansion on the premier lot and upgrade to 3 stars;
-train 3 more workers;
- keep buying properties as they come up, demolish and build cabins and light them until you have 8;
- keep buying houses, demolish and build 3 cemeteries;
- buy enough wood to build a manor;
-demolish the sawmill, build the manor and upgrade to 3 stars.

I finished on orange. Good luck.

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Re:level 28

[Post New]by danilon on Jul 24, 13 6:34 AM
very huge THANK YOU

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Re:level 28

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Jul 24, 13 6:54 AM
You will start with 3 open Lots, a Manor, and a Substation

You will end with 8 painted Cabins w/lights, 1 fully upgraded Manor, 1 fully upgraded Mansion, 1 Workshop w/efficiency, 1 Substation, and 3 Cemetery. You will also build and sell a Mansion. As with any level, the starting configuration is variable. But for simplicity sake, put all Cemeteries and Buildings on the bottom two rows.

You need not upgrade any Cabin.

- Demolish the Substation and sell the Manor
- Buy 5,000 Wood
- Build and sell a Mansion
- Build Workshop and buy Efficiency Training
- Build a Sawmill and buy 5,000
- Build Mansion and fully upgrade on the premier lot and Inspect
- Buy 5,000 Wood and at least 6 more Workers
- Buy 5,000 Wood as needed
- Start buying anything except 1 Manor and 1 Mansion
- When a the first Manor becomes available, buy, fully upgrade, and Inspect
- Immediately Inspect any other house you buy.
- As you approach owning everything but 1 Manor and 1 Mansion, demolish all houses (except your Cabin, Mansion, and Manor)
- Build Cabins 7 Cabins and inspect
- Once you have about 7,000 Wood, demolish Sawmill and build a Substation on same lot
- Light all eight cabins
- Build 3 Cemeteries on two lower rows

You are done.

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