"Haunted" Accordion Puzzle Solutions

[Post New]by ladyorduno on Jul 25, 13 11:14 AM
Here are the keys you need to press to win the accordion puzzles in order. I have listed them by the number and color of the key,(i.e. 3/W) means third white key.

Puzzle 1
5/B, 2/W, 3/W, 4/W, 5/W, 6/W
Puzzle 2
2/B, 3/B, 5/B, 1/W, 3/W, 5/W
Puzzle 3
2/B, 3/B, 4/B, 1/W, 3/W, 6/W
Puzzle 4
2/B, 5/B, 1/W, 3/W, 4/W, 10/W
Puzzle 5
3/B, 5/B, 7/B, 4/W, 7/W, 8/W
Puzzle 6
2/B, 5/B, 6/W, 7/W, 9/W, 12/W
Puzzle 7
9/B, 2/W, 4/W, 5/W, 6/W, 7/W
Puzzle 8
2/B, 4/B, 5/B, 5/W, 8/W, 10/W

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