bird cage

[Post New]by sinale on Mar 5, 09 1:01 PM
nanny mania 2 - i am at the level where he brought the bird home. But it doesnt show on family members screen and also when its red i cant clean it. when i go over with mouse it turns yellow. its the last mess i have to clean but doesnt work and so i run out of time
anyone else with same problem ? please


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[Post New]by evilelf on Mar 6, 09 2:15 PM
I am having the same problem. Anyone know?


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[Post New]by AmberSusannah on Mar 6, 09 4:29 PM
I have the same problem, anyone got past it yet?

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[Post New]by bfgCelebes on Mar 6, 09 4:42 PM
Hello all!

The objective isn't actually to clean the bird cage. When the cage is red, that means your birdie has escaped! He's tiny and green and can be hard to find, but he's hiding around the house somewhere. When you find him, click on him then click on the cage to put him back.

Tip: Catch the bird last. If you put him away too soon, he can escape again before the level is over!

Also, since this pertains to Nanny Mania 2, I'm going to go ahead and move this out of the Nanny Mania forum and into the official Nanny Mania 2 forum.


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[Post New]by AmberSusannah on Mar 6, 09 6:17 PM
Ahhhhhh thanks for the advice!


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[Post New]by lips4cowboys on Mar 14, 09 11:32 PM
I was also having this problem thanks for the advise.... after i wrote and thought about it i was wondering if that is what i had to do and Bingo it is!! thanks so much!


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[Post New]by florahbloom on Mar 24, 09 3:58 AM
i want ur help...
i wannna play this game but i cant install it.whn i went to bigfish website i go to nanny mania 2 game and start download but
it doesnt downloading appears .if it downloads it doesnt start.
i hv played alot of games of bigfish but once i lost my computer windows so i think i lost member ship with bigfish.....
do something
i hv nt played games on bigfish since 7 months.
i want to play it
help urgent
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