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Three rings level 25 I think

[Post New]by thobbit on Jul 26, 13 11:14 PM
I can not get past this three rings every time I hit two of the same color the green balls explode no matter how i hit the balls ,am I not understanding something or is it just impossible I wait for just two of the same kind and then shoot the same color but no matter what it kills me , Please could someone give me some pointers on this or should i just give up cause I suck and I am never going to beat it ,I am going absolutely batty on this ,

Thanks You!

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Re:Three rings level 25 I think

[Post New]by LizzieK on Jul 27, 13 5:35 AM
Start on the left side of the large circle and shoot into the circle what ever color you have up first. Then go over to the edge and shoot out to the side the balls of other colors until you get to the color you just shot into the circle. You can do this fast enough so that you can now go to the right side of the circle and shoot that sphere in with the two matching spheres, to eliminate those three spheres. Keep doing that until the large circle gets small enough to touch the second inner circle and the large circle will explode.

Do the same thing on the second inner circle.

On the all green circle shoot a color into the circle, go over to the side and shoot off the spheres until you get that color again and shoot it next to that color sphere. Shoot off some more to the side until you get that color again, then make your match 3 to win the level.

I have posted a video of this on youtube. You can search on youtube for Evy Magic Spheres level 25 walkthrough to find it.

Good luck!

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