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Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Jul 29, 13 12:35 AM
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Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Jul 29, 13 12:35 AM
Hi Fishies,
I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.
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Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by AvgSpock on Jul 29, 13 1:42 AM
This game and it's game play is extremely similar to Plants vs Zombies so, folks who enjoyed that game may want to give this one a try.

I have demoed it for a half hour already and I enjoyed it enough to buy it with a PCC for Double Punch Monday.

The only concern that I have about the game personally is that it might not be enough of a challenge for those of us who have incessantly played Plants vs Zombies in an attempt to get all of the achievements.

I am hoping that it will be different enough to require different strategies than I already use. Will report back later after playing some more.


I have to admire the gumption of afb Games to take on such a beloved hit game as Plants vs Zombies and be willing to be compared to it. This game is certainly the first copycat that I have found to be worthy of such a comparison. In my opinion, they pulled it off, very well. It is obviously a well thought out game and it’s actually a solid runner up to its role model.

In this game you are trying to thwart skeleton pirates from stealing your treasure maps rather than protecting your brains. You use silver treasure chests that give you silver stars to collect in lieu of the sunflowers and a bluebird flying by also emits them. There are various cannon shooters and other artillery that is added on, after each level. You also get slots to fill and plan before the level begins. There is even a store for purchasing some items to help enable you to beat the levels although; of course it lacks Crazy Dave and his humor.

My only criticism is that the short introductory tutorials are displayed so close to the bottom of the screen that I almost missed seeing them. I also missed a few when I got too click happy early on. I think that I would have preferred them to pop up in the center of the screen. For folks who have already played Plants vs Zombies, it will be fairly simple to figure out. It does have an info section available from the main menu that explains all of the characters and ammo to assist you in planning your strategies.

They have added a few degrees of extra challenge within the levels such as; you have to re-arm your weapons with the help of a golden ammo chest complete with a golden bird companion that both emit gold stars and you also whack parrots to collect their heads. If you get all of them in a level you unlock a new weapon.

The extra games are not accessible until completing the game so I can’t comment on how many of them there are yet. It also has an area called Rounds that is inaccessible as well. I’m not too sure what that is but, there do not appear to be any achievements as far as I have been able to tell.

The music is catchy and the skeletons actually make sense when they speak. That is, if you speak Pirate. All in all, it’s an enjoyable day on the high seas. A hearty, “Ahoy Mateys” to the developers.

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Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by MURPHY on Jul 29, 13 9:49 AM
I just have a little left of my demo, but it's certainly an addicting game. Will be a purchase for sure. As said above, very much like P vs Z and a job very well done.

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Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by chiari_survivor on Jul 29, 13 11:34 AM
BFG- Skeleton Pirates
Where Dead Pirates seek treasure!
Based on demo and purchase but not completed
This game is awesome fun!
Very similar to Plants vs Zombies as likely everyone is going to say, though this game is powered by Torque Garage Games, afb Games. Great Job!
Music is catchy. The sounds & music are adj as is the full screen option. The various chests, cannons & weapons pulse throb to the music. Skeletons have beautiful smiles with nice white teeth, and they also bob to the music. The phrases the skeletons say are pirate appropriate, “Where’s the treasure”, “Blow me down” and “Yo ho ho”. Once the skeleton has taken their allotted damage they collapse into a pile of bones with one eye landing in the open month. Too hilarious.

You sign in as the Captain of the ship and are safeguarding the treasure maps that the skeleton pirates are trying to get (instead of Zombies after your brains)
To change players Click the Captain button along the lower center of the screen. There are spaces for 10 players. Options and Exit are lower right, Shop and Info are on the lower left. The info button explains, know your friends, know your weapons and know your enemies. Once you choose the weapon, enemy or friend the game shows you the details of that category by clicking the picture of what you would like more information about. Once an item is available you can then click to find out more about it but you can not see what future skills enemies may have in the future levels, or future weapons you will acquire. There are 40 slots for available inventory choices with rope X’s over the ones that are not available yet. The game only shows what items are currently unlocked. Beginning levels have 5 slots to choose your choice of weapons and later levels will have up to 9 slots open so there will be many choices to make once you have earned those items. You do start with only 3 lives and once you have earned enough coins the shop will open, I believe level 8 or 9 opened the shop for me. Purchasing an extra life, magic box, extra ammo or even extra slots for weapons will be available, as well as birds that will have an umbrella so they can fly in the rain. Once you pay for an upgrade it remains with you in future rounds.

The information scrolls can be clicked faster if you read quickly and also are not too difficult for early readers to be reading. The beginning levels start out very simple as they are the tutorial and quickly get more difficult. The first level you only have the cannon and the little blue bird flying through gives you the silver star worth 25 points that gives you the funds to buy additional cannons. You do not have to click the blue bird to get the star and it will release its star at some point along the game board row it is flying in. If you miss seeing it or later the yellow bird drops the gold star, the stars will drop to the bottom of the game board and have stayed there or you can click on them while they are falling. I tested to see if it would disappear after a short time and they did not but I also am not sure that future levels may alter that. I was in level 9 when I was counting how many strikes a crate would handle (50)from that kind of skeleton and a skeleton takes 9 steps to cross a game square. Anyway, I had focused too much on that task of counting and had gotten behind adding needed cannons and the next surge the skeletons they were able to enter the Captains Chambers. There are even Parrots that help the skeleton Pirates. They fly through and drop their almost acid “business” that damages the crates, cannons and even the chests that give stars. Whacking the parrot gives you parrot heads and once you have achieved the number required on the level you are rewarded with a new tool. The beginning levels require 10 parrot heads. After whacking with a mallet that automatically appears when you click a parrot, the head goes to the inventory and his remaining feathers float down but no other parrot parts and is not gruesome. Many creative aspects make this game still feel similar to Plants vs Zombies but this game, can totally can stand on its own. I purchased with a PCC prior to even the demo hour completion. I was looking for a game for our grandson and have gotten pulled into it for myself also. I like that it starts out simple enough for beginning players though has quickly become entertaining for adults who also enjoyed PvsZ. I think this game I enjoy more, as sometimes the music and sounds in PvZ can stress me out with the impending sounds it has, and I have not felt that yet with this game. If you are loosing and back out of the game to start over it will cost you a life otherwise your game will be saved from where you were. Give it a try it is awesome fun though the people who can not continue on in a casual mode may be disappointed.

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Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by vickijb on Jul 29, 13 10:14 PM
I bought this game and I must say that I am enjoying it. Since there have been several very thorough reviews I will just add a thing or two. First I have played tons of tower defense games so I have a few things I look for and one very important thing is missing here: the ability to speed up the game. As I very often want the beginning part of a level to go quicker I find not having a fast forward button to be very annoying. I would also love some way to tell how close to being dead a skeleton is. Neither of these things make the game unplayable but are just things that I would love to see if there happens to be a sequel. This game quickly becomes more challenging but the good news is that the money earned when playing stays with you which will eventually allow you to buy upgrades necessary for progression.

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Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Jul 30, 13 4:10 AM
The chest produce coins at such a rate that at higher levels and ALWAYS starting with just 50 coins (u must be ALWAYS on the almost lossing side) its bound that u failed!

This game is much like zombies, and I TOTALLY HATE IT!. Graphics is fants, but its a game whereby you are destined to failed on higher levels. Not only do the coins generate slowly the rest of the machines as well, eg, u had 75 coins sufficient to buy a canon, but no u had to wait for the canon to be ready, exactly zombies concept (same developer perhaps)

DEVELOPER: READ MY LIPS, do a game that is NOT that idiotic, why the 50 coins even when the levels get harder? Its NOT a defense game and after the 1 hr trial I still dont see a shop to buy any upgrades? Why the use for gold chest that produces gold, cant I used that to buy weapons? I want a STRATEGY game not a TRAGEDY game and this is what has become. BTW I would really like a video of developer beating those levels w/o cheating!


Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by pty1647 on Jul 30, 13 4:40 AM
This game gets way too hard. I can't get past level 2.3. You only have 3 lives and when they are gone you have to start over at the beginning of the level. Which means I have to start at 2.0. Too many skeletons start coming. Its ridiculous. Too bad I already bought it. You also have to get yellow stars to get bullets to load your cannons to kill the skeletons. This just makes it even more impossible to beat. All in all ...too hard!

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Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by Hometownk on Jul 31, 13 1:38 PM
I agree that it gets too hard too quickly. I think I'll chalk this up to a bad buy (ach we can't win them all) and go back to Viking Saga.

Oh, and I'd call this an arcade game rather than a strategy game. I do not buy arcade games.


Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by gamergiant on Aug 1, 13 3:54 AM
I must say that Skeleton Pirates looks hard but it's actually not, you just need to develop a strategy for using the right weapons at the right time, and when you do, the game becomes piece of cake.


Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by jeljr26 on Aug 8, 13 4:19 PM
I have gotten to level 3.10 and it is pretty difficult. I have encountered a crawling skeleton and couldn't kill now I need to learn how to kill a crawling skeleton....if any of you out there know how, then post it. The Invisible skeleton with magic hat is difficult also.

I enjoy this game, but once you start reaching into level 3 and above, it doesn't make sense to continually start the battles with only 50 stars. It would make sense that beginning with level 3 it would begin with 75 stars and then level 5 begin with 100 stars. In addition to that, the ability to purchase a chest upgrade that provides 50 stars instead of the lowly 25 each time. I mean.....come on!

I have read the other reviews and I don't know how "chiari survivor" reached level 8 WITHOUT purchasing upgrades!! Maybe "1.8" but NOT 8.0

1st Update: Crawling skeletons can be killed with the catapult.
2nd Update: I have reached the last row for the "parrot" upgrades. I just got a double-star chest. It gives 2 stars instead of 1 star. How this works is this- before the battle when choosing your weapons--- along with putting the small chest in your inventory, you place the double-star chest in your inventory as well. During the battle, you place the double star chest for 150 but only on top of an already placed 1-star chest on the ship. After that, the chest will start to supply 2 stars instead of one.

Additional information: The EXTRA GAMES are: 1. Bowling Spree--you roll logs down the ship to kill advancing pirates. Use brown and green logs. Green logs go through all pirates on that row. Use green logs only on the tough pirates. After defeating then move up to 2. The Prize--when killing advancing pirates you receive various random weapons to place on your ship. When you finish that you move up to 3. Checkers-- Just like a checkerboard, you will have holes in your ship that need to be filled with the wood. When finished you advance to the last one, 4. Duel--This one is pretty difficult but I found a way to finish this one with ease. The continuing problem is the mini-cannon which doesn't do much if you want to advance. I finished this one also, but only when I discovered on my own the little trick to do it. Should I tell you? I didn't use a cheat code or anything like that. Put it this way, I found a way to finish the DUEL with no mini-cannon. Hint: Ever heard of "Main Menu"?

I haven't opened up the extra rounds but when I do I will post more updates

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Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by screamingfrog on Aug 12, 13 6:08 PM
I was frustrated but enjoyed figuring out the strategy and weapons needed at each level. I found level 9 to be the hardest so far. Level 10 is not as challenging. Keep trying if you are stumped. It is fun.



[Post New]by Webfeet371 on Sep 3, 13 9:31 AM
I'm at 11-1 and was surprised it didn't stop at 10-10. Does anyone know the number of total levels? For those complaining about difficulty, just keep playing and you'll figure out strategies. I've only died once all the way to 11-1 now and have 6 remaining lives and haven't bought any. TRICK 1: when you get to levels with neon ghost pirates that have a gold earring, wait until only one remains and don't kill it. Use barrels to hold it off endlessly while filling the field with gold coin boxes. It will never die until you blow it up with a bomb. Remove all weapons to save ammo. It may take 30 minutes but you'll be able to rack up 99,999 in gold ammo. After that, you won't need gold coin boxes taking up a slot any more.
TRICK 2: Always buy the newest, most expensive weapons available and bombs. Barrels are your best friend while adding silver coin chests. First 3 columns at left should always be silver coin chests only.

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Re:Reviews for Skeleton Pirates

[Post New]by festclick on Dec 1, 13 2:11 PM
It's a whole lot harder (in Adventure mode) than PvZ was, but it ends up being more fun for me because I'm forced to keep revising my tactics in different chapters. I have all the weapons and 9 slots by 6-9 and I'm just beginning to explore different strategies with different weapon rosters. My top tip is 2 cannon-zilla in the inner rows (next to trench) because they cover all the rows by themselves, and keep off the early flying pirates, so you can wait until you have all your non-trench chests in place before you have to defend the trench with planks and weapons (assuming you have plank). I also use twin mini-cannon even on levels without rain. Although it then costs 25, it's good to have a cheap front-line defence that you can easily replace, and it can also be used right at the front or to shoot backwards. At least where I've got up to, you can quickly and cheaply cover all the lanes with 4 twin mini-cannon in the non-trench rows and the 2 cannon-zilla so you can get your silver chest economy going and plan your more powerful weapon placements in relative comfort.

Now I've finished the Adventure at 12-10, I'm quite disappointed. The last level was no real challenge and I completed it first try. Some of the levels in Chapter 9 were more challenging. The Rounds Endless game is a big disappointment, way too easy. I know several people have complained about difficulty, but for me there weren't enough challenging levels. There were some good ideas in this game, and it could have been so much more. In PvZ, there can be 14 or more different zombie types in a level, whereas in Skeleton Pirates there are only about 8 or 9. I suspect the decision to render the pirates in 3D limited the number of pirates they could have without overtaxing the computer. Another sad triumph of graphics over gameplay. Also, in PvZ, the main towers and abilities of the zombies are beautifully balanced which leads to complex strategies in Survival Endless. In Skeleton Pirates, there is no attempt to balance advantages and disadvantages and several of the weapons, like cannon-reezer, are absurdly powerful. The strategies of the pirates are incredibly dumb, too. Sending unprotected cannon and fire pirates with no backup? Maybe someone will take some of the ideas in this game and do a proper job in concentrating on gameplay and strategy.

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