Free Ride on Jewel Venture

[Post New]by Silverbear12 on Jul 29, 13 9:22 AM
Still haven't figured out how to use the free ride at the bottom left of tool bar, can someone HELP!!!

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Re:Free Ride on Jewel Venture

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jul 29, 13 9:51 PM
Welcome to the pond, Silverbear12

A free ride powerup activates if you drag it, assuming that it isn't locked by a grill. All the jewels that are not chained or fenced in with a grill can be moved anywhere for as long as the screen has the alternate color background. The free ride is extremely useful on Navigator and Out of Room boards.

There's a powerup with a question mark on it in the bonus powerups tray, but I don't think that's the free ride one. I couldn't tell when that one lit up but I think it might be for every 2 matches of 6 or more jewels, then a random powerup like the invert board, free ride, time freeze, or the key shaped one that blacks out the board appears?

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