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[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jul 30, 13 12:29 AM
What do you know about ghosts? Are they scary? Do they prefer living in ruins or cemetaries? Of course not! Actually, ghosts are friendly and cheerful, and - yes, they need a place to live. But they can't build the town by themselves! That's why they need your help in this new, breathtaking match 3 game with HOGs and puzzles.

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[Post New]by Valdy on Jul 30, 13 12:48 AM
Hi, all...

This M3 game has a beautiful set of tiles.

You can play in timed or relaxed mode.

There is a choice of custom and system cursor.

Your playing field is in full screen, with some "widescreen effect" on either side.

Your goal is to earn coins to build a town for a few ghosts.

The coins are part of each level you play. They are static, which means they don't come down the board when you make a match under them. You have to make a match next to them to get rid of them.
Once you have cleared the board of all gold coins, the level is finished.

You can replay each level. I am right-handed, and therefore the cursor tends to be more at the right than at the left side of the screen. For some reason, the option to replay a level is at the right, and the option to continue is at the left, which means I have to watch myself so that I don't accidentally click on the "Replay" button.

Every once in a while you also play little games. I came across the: find 15 keys in a scene... There is a Hint button if you can't find them all - you are pointed to it regularly.

--- --- ---

I beta tested this game a short while ago, and couldn't even bring myself to finish the beta demo, I was that bored with this game.

I love the graphics, and I always like buying buildings in M3 games, but the gameplay on the boards themselves are just too tedious (for me!!).

As I said, the gold coins are static, so they don't move. You can't even grab another tile and move it in its place. It also means that any other tiles that are above the coins are also not coming down.
However, the coins turn - they are in constant movement, which I found a tad irritating.

Also, there is a LOT of handholding. You get a tutorial, whether you like it or not, and you get hints galore, whether you like it or not. I kept thinking that the developers had intended this game to be for little children - not because of the gameplay, but the hints and explanations I got continuously.

I made a couple of suggestions, which weren't taken into account (I sometimes wonder why they bother giving us games to beta test - just for praises?). I did tell them in the survey that I won't buy this game as it is, and I won't.

I am sure that other M3 fans will love this game. To those: enjoy.

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[Post New]by lynwil on Jul 30, 13 2:24 AM
I only lasted until Level 4 on this game and I was stumped - no matches and no way of getting any, very odd! I wasn't interested in replaying as I was annoyed there was no 'shuffle' to get me going again. This could have been a lovely little game - the female ghost who kept pushing her glasses back was so cute and made me chuckle. Don't quite think the devs thought this one through.

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[Post New]by JammyKat on Jul 30, 13 2:31 AM
I played the whole demo, but I can see how annoying having the OK button on the left is. What were they thinking? Are the entire development team and testers lefties? No slur to left handed players there, but there are more righties than lefties. Why not make the REPLAY button top and the OK button on the bottom? That works for everyone.

I liked the graphics, and the music wasn't too annoying in the hour I played. The mini games were kind of boring after a while, but you can skip them. The ghost thing was kind of odd as mentioned before.

I'd probably buy this as a DD, since the M3s are few and far between, but I hate to waste a credit on this game. With just a little sprucing up, it could have been really fun.

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[Post New]by debzzzzy on Jul 30, 13 4:41 AM
Hi Fishies

Sorry to be different to the above fishies, but I quite like this game.

Graphics are clear and crisp.

I managed to get to level 13 in the hours demo (playing timed), and found as you progress it does get harder and harder. The timer on this game does go by quickly for anybody that likes a challenge.

I agree with the ghost theme. Has no real relevance to the story, but I guess they needed something and used ghosts . Also it would have been nice to have different items to buy, instead of only having one choice.

I did not care for the mini games, but like somebody said they can be skipped.

I have not come across having no moves to play, but might encounter that in later levels.

All in all not a bad little match 3 game, and have seen plenty of those, so I might just purchase this with a free coupon.

Still best to try for yourself and see what you think.




[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Jul 30, 13 7:37 AM
Hello all,

I was happy to see a Match-3 offering today, but, unfortunately, this one is not for me.

I liked the building feature and the large playing boards with colorful tiles. I noticed that the tiles are changed to different shapes and colors on some boards and that variety is pleasant. I also like the occasional HO scene where I need to "find 15 keys" (or some other object). The continue button being on the left didn't seem to bother me and I am also a right-handed person.

However, as was mentioned in Valdy's post, the coins in the levels are in constant motion. I also found that to be distracting and a negative feature instead of the positive feature the developers must have felt it would be. Had that feature not been used, I probably would have placed this game on my "games to buy" list. But because of it, I'll be placing this on my "do not buy" list, instead.

Too bad. I would have enjoyed adding a new Match-3 to my game collection.




[Post New]by BOMBOCHAS on Jul 31, 13 11:30 AM

Re ost any Laruaville technical issues here only

[Post New]by BOMBOCHAS on Jul 31, 13 11:26 AM
level 39 starts with alll the objects frozen, no match can be done... i uninstalled and installed the game again and the same all frozen objets ..... how is this game expected to be played like that ?????????

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[Post New]by FRHgames on Jul 31, 13 11:40 AM
You can activate power-ups by double-clicking on it. So, in the center there are power-ups for you to double-click!
Happy playing!

FRH Games

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[Post New]by ffap on Sep 3, 13 7:55 AM
When will there be a Laruaville 2?Love,love, love this game,and I am an almost total HOG person.I usually do not like match games but love this one.It does have a number of hidden object puzzles but not nearly enough for me.My only complaint is that most of the puzzles are Mhajong and that does get a bit old.The graphics are beautiful and the ghosts are so cute----they make funny noises when you click on them.The match game is entertaining and hard when in timed mode.I usually play the relaxed mode.What a refreshing addictive game---so nice not to have scarey ghosts and haunted,screaming spirits
that seem to predominate other games.I am waiting for this game to have a sequel.

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[Post New]by RuthAnn57 on Jan 1, 14 5:21 PM
I'm stuck on level 39. All the things in the grid except for the three powerups are frozen and I can't make any matches. I tried double clicking on one of the powerups but that didn't work. Help, please!

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[Post New]by FRHgames on Jan 1, 14 11:17 PM
RuthAnn57, use double click on any power - up to activate it!

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