[Post New]by oceanloverOH on Jul 30, 13 5:46 PM
I keep trying and trying, but I can't get past level 2.2 The big group of pirates comes on too quickly, before I have enough chests, weapons and stuff to counter them. I do have the magic boxes, and 7 weapon slots....but I still lose EVERY time; and I've started over FOUR times. I'm ready to just give up and call it a bad purchase. Can anyone HELP me with some strategy???????

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[Post New]by ruafox2 on Jul 30, 13 6:28 PM
I'm having issues w/level 2 as well but have found that if you use the large barrels it really helps. My problem is the game starts lagging when there are many pirates on the screen and my cursor can't keep up with where I am clicking. Very annoying.



[Post New]by gamergiant on Jul 30, 13 10:46 PM
@oceanloverOH, Read the solution on how to finish the level 2.2 here:

When I get stuck on some level, I just change my strategy. I would suggest also reading the helping info about weapons in the main menu just click on INFO.

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[Post New]by Hometownk on Jul 31, 13 1:33 PM
I'm also frustrated and am starting to feel I wasted a good credit on this game. I needed one more game today to get my free one. I wish the punch card didn't expire at the end of the calendar month.

Every time I get coins, I am required to click on the icon and default to an earlier level.

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