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All the Crane issues - *Spoiler Alert*

[Post New]by drgroove on Aug 1, 13 10:54 AM
Very much enjoy this developer's games - especially their sense of humor - and this is no exception. A bit more lightweight than some but wonderful attention to detail.

There are a few minor issues with the Cranes - and a few major ones. This is a CE only so the locations of all the Cranes can be found as the bottom entry on the integrated Stategy Guide contents page. Most are accurate. Here's what's not:

Crane #14 is actually just above the location shown in the (Blue) Dragon's Lair.
Crane #31 at the Lava River cannot be gotten until you blow up the rocks to make a bridge over the lava. This is inconsistent as you are *spotting* Cranes which you are able to do successfully in several other locations before you can get to other objects.
Crane #36 is in the location shown in the SG but is on a red banner in the game which is not shown (at least on my system - may be too small to see) in the SG.

Crane #22 is in the Cave. The Cave in the game is redrawn. There are several stalactites shown in the SG which are totally missing in the game. The Crane is shown on one of them to the right side of the screen. It is actually at the top middle of the screen in the game.
Crane #40 is in the Palace Lobby at the end of the game. The scene in the game is from a completely different perspective than in the SG and the crane is nowhere near where it is depicted! It is, in fact, on the leftmost ceiling lantern.
Crane #41 - the last one - is exactly where it is shown in the SG. However, on my system, it is only visible when you first enter the scene. There is an immediate closeup of Lei and then he begins his animated attack. The Crane disappears - but if you click on the now blank location where it was - you get it anyway!

Hope this helps and a sly grin to the developers for not only the Danny Boyle reference but for drawing the Flame Master as a tribute to the gardener in Shangri-La from Journeyman Project 3!

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Re:All the Crane issues - *Spoiler Alert*

[Post New]by lindylu22 on Oct 21, 13 6:50 PM
Anyone know where crane #17 is in the trolls cave. Not where it is suppose to be in the Strategy guide. Thanks

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