Jewel Quest Mysteries & Windows 8

[Post New]by ShelleyW72 on Aug 2, 13 5:49 PM
I am trying to run the JQM: The Oracle of Ur on my Windows 8 laptop computer (using it while plugged in, to make sure it isn't a power issue). Game installs okay, then when i try to run it, it starts to load then freezes my desktop. I have updated adobe flash player, Adobe Shockwave, Java, Direct X, and made sure i had all the windows updates. I have also modified my screen resolutions to see if that will help, still the same issue. Other games i have purchased play well on my computer, the installation works on a windows xp pro computer.

Any ideas of things i can try? I am very comfortable with troubleshooting issues on my computer. i am at a complete loss on what to do with this. PLEASE HELP

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