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The end ***SPOILER ALERT***

[Post New]by Polecat1 on Aug 4, 13 6:31 PM
I played all the way through. ****SPOILER ALERT***

At the end of the game the last scene is of Edward opening his eyes and you see the blue frost/ice stuff. The obvious connection is that somehow the Ice Queen was able to take over his body.

But what happens after that? I know there is a newer Living Legends... but the bad "guy" on that story is the Queen from Snow White. (A different story line all together. One was Grimm's and the other Hans Christian Anderson.)

Nowhere is there any closure to the game. What happens? Closure would be nice and if it's only in the collector's edition, you are doing your players a serious disservice.


Re:The end ***SPOILER ALERT***

[Post New]by lmgibby on Jul 3, 14 8:10 PM
I agree, I want to know what happened to the 2 lovers, geeezzzzz

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