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Last leaf in Chapter 9

[Post New]by captzeno on Aug 4, 13 10:24 PM
I have a problem with Mis Marple's room in chapter 9. There's two leaves, one on the cat statue and one on a pitcher. The one on the pitcher will not respond to my mouse. Only that one item is not responding. No matter how many times I click it -- nothing. I wish I could just by pass it. Moreover, it's indicated by the hint magnifying glass to be the one that I should click.
So what's the deal here? I don't have any other problems with this game as far as no response. I've even quit and gone back to see if that would make a difference.
If anyone has a clue on what to do I'd appreciate it. I'm not going to uninstall anything nor I do need to change the settings on anything. I mean it's one friggin' leaf. If you've got any ideas let me know.

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Re:Last leaf in Chapter 9

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Aug 4, 13 10:38 PM
Hi there captzeno,
I just checked the picture from the walkthrough and the leaf on the cat is circled, but not a pitcher.
Good luck selecting it on the next time you try to play.

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