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Question for tnqueen

[Post New]by maryseely on Aug 6, 13 9:22 AM
tnqueen---did you find out what to do next re. the lock on the cable car? I only have a box of matches like you and I can't find the way to get the artifact in the ice bowl.


Re:Question for tnqueen

[Post New]by Orthodude on Aug 11, 13 10:11 AM
Hi there, it took me a long time to fathom how to crack the ice bowl. watch the bowl and you will see something black swim under ice. place your cursor and tap it near to the star as the fish comes round it will jump for your cursur. do this about three times and the fish will jump out of the ice and you can get the star shaped disc out of bowl. take this down to the statue and he will give you half a key. go to cable car and put the two halves of key together and you can then ride the cable car.

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