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Top annoyances of HOS games

[Post New]by anges35 on Aug 7, 13 9:01 AM
These comments are based on the iPad version of this game only.

The 3 things most annoying in HOS games are:
1. Poorly pictured hidden objects. This can be due to shape or color contrast- or both.
2. Failure of the HOS object to register when clicked on- repeatedly.
3. Poor scene layout causing difficulty for the back and forth travels.

#1 and #2 can be found in abundance in the Elixir of Immortality game. And when the Hint feature was chosen, not only did it verify that an object that had been chosen WAS the correct HO, but in some cases, the Hint feature moved the object to make it more visible.

For instance, an HO was a 'bucket.' There was an object to the right of the screen that to me was clearly a bucket lying on it's side. So I clicked on it- nothing. And I clicked on it again and again- nothing. Then I clicked on Hint and the hint chose that same object>> BUT it had now turned the bucket right side up, making it even more clearly the correct object. Then when clicked on, it registered.

I am glad to say that #3 was NOT an issue and was handled well. Wasting time and effort handling poor coding can really zap the fun out of a game. Is this good game? If you have a lot of time to waste and a high frustration level, probably. If you have neither-or both- don't bother.

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