[Post New]by ribbonblues on Aug 7, 13 9:43 PM
i havent played this game in quite a while. Would someone please let me know if there has been any upgrades? Or any changes at all with the many millions of ghost attacks? The last time I played must have been a month or so. I got so frustrated because I could not figure out how to beat this game at at certain level. In the beginning its easy with the tutorial, but (i wish i could remember which level started to make this game unfun for me) TM games are one of my favorite genres and I was just wondering if there have been any improvements at all.

Thank you for reading ...

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[Post New]by hraili on Aug 8, 13 1:39 PM
I don’t know of any improvement, but I must admire those players, who get three gold coins in each level! I am happy, if I get two…

But, never mind, I still like to play this game.

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