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Yep, the game finally finishes here. A fairly disappointing finale to a great game I.M.O. You better hope you've got shields unlocked by now (that means alot of dead parrots, ideally this should be achieved around the stage 8 or 9 for memory). It is constant Cannon Pirates and the Fireball dudes. This stage seemed to go on a bit longer then the others but you also start with 100 coins so that actually helps to get established quicker. To be honest, I think the Level 10 rounds were harder. After completing the game it just goes back to Level 1-1. I'm not sure if it starts off harder or it's just the same all over again (I'll leave that up to someone else to try). Finished with all 15 lives (not 1 lost) and about $60,000. It's just a matter of learning what weapons damage the most 'universally'. I used the Cannon-zilla, the mini bomb and bomb in every stage. Then either the Jack (must use when invisable pirates are coming) , Freezer (great weapon, not to be under-estimated just because it doesn't damage) or Fire cannon according to the upcoming enemies. 99% of the time it was only two cannons per round, rarely a third was needed. Then you had plenty of spaces for coins and barrels/ shields etc. I purchased all the extra spaces in the shop as soon as I had enough money.

Now just to finish off the '8 Round' bonus games.


Re:Level 12-10 , THE ULTIMATE FIGHT!

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For anyone interested, I couldn't help myself and started the rounds again after finishing the game. Once you start Level 1-1 again, there is a message stating that the pirates are unhappy about their defeat and will now choose some of your weapons for you(something along those lines). I played the first 10 rounds of level one and it did not seem anymore difficult. The pirates did choose two of my weapons for me, but considering all the slots were unlocked (carry over from first play through) it did not make a diffrence. Perhaps later on, they may pick more and more weapons, making it harder. I'll update if/when I get there.


Re:Level 12-10 , THE ULTIMATE FIGHT!

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I wish you would post a video to YouTube.

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Re:Level 12-10 , THE ULTIMATE FIGHT!

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I've posted my own video for 12-10 to you-tube. Should be searchable within a day. Look for Skeleton Pirates 12-10 walkthrough. The main point against fire pirates is that they come on singly, usually when you get the Watch Out message. If you build 2 planks at the far right of the screen in columns 2 and 4, you can eliminate the fire pirate with a bomb on one of these 2 planks wherever he appears, if you have bomb recharged and you react in time. If you don't have bomb recharged, he will get off a shot so you need silver chests in front to take the hit and you can quickly replace them. Later, planks in all rows at the front lets you use flame-thrower against the fire pirates. But mainly it's about having a column of cannon-reezer (or at least one in each row) and lots of smart guns. When you have that, the fire pirates will be killed quickly unless they are shielded by the concealed pirates (ones with huge shield), so kill those guys with bomb/flame-thrower or forward planted twin mini-cannon. It's also important to know how to create a fast silver economy and have enough ammo not to need to bring ammo chest.

In case you're wondering about shield, bear-traps, TNT, and other expensive stuff, I don't use them in the Adventure because they're too expensive for single levels. But I use that stuff in the Rounds games where you have 8 rounds to build up money to use the fun stuff.

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