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[b]Please don't read the following if you want to use the chemicals by yourself.

After Jep cuts down the rope hanging down from a tree before you get to the windmill steps and you make 2 rope ladders, use 1 ladder to cross the ravine and put 1 piece of large bamboo in the sulphur pool to scare off monkey. You can get sulfur, coal, iron sulfate and potash.

Saltpeter can be obtained from the entrance to the water in Granite House. You can only get 1 at a time.

sulfuric acid...put iron sulfate on still.

Nitric acid can be made by combining sulfuric acid and saltpeter and put it on the get 3 containers from this.

Put seaweed from the beach on fire to get soda. Soda +fat from seal=2 glycerin and 1 soap.

Dynamite...wick from chest in Granite House, clay and nitro. (You can get 2 clay at 1 time by getting one and letting Jep hold it while you get the extra one.

more later.

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