Level 7

[Post New]by oceanloverOH on Aug 13, 13 7:41 AM
No matter what I do, I lose EVERY time on level 7-5....a couple of times in a row, and have to start all over at 7-1. The combination of cannon pirates, giant pirates, and fireball pirates is just too strong and too quick....in just a few turns, the cannons and the fireballs take out every weapon I've painstakingly purchased plus my chests. The bombs take too long to regenerate; there's no way to get them quick enough to take out the cannons/fireballs before they do unrecoverable damage. I've tried every combination of weapons I can think of. Has anyone gotten past this level? What was your strategy? Help appreciated!

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Re:Level 7

[Post New]by festclick on Dec 2, 13 3:31 PM
Use cannon-reezer (blue) to slow down the pirates, mini-bomb, bomb, flame-thrower, plank, cannon-zilla, twin mini-cannon (small blue), mace catapult, chest. Build twin mini-cannon on the initial 3 decks between trenches 4 from the right and then 3 from the right. Usual 3 columns of chests at left on your 3 rows. Plank to build 2 cannon-zillas, one in each trench, which covers all the rows and hits fliers. Cannon-reezer behind each cannon-zilla and behind the mace catapults in the 3 initial rows. You may need to build planks at the front of the trenches to be able to bomb fliers effectively. Build more chests on planks behind your defences.

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