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[Post New]by rosecottage42 on Aug 15, 13 7:53 PM
I did 35 in a row and didn't get the 1000 bonus. Why?

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Re:golf award

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Aug 20, 13 6:01 AM
Heya rosecottage42, welcome to the Forums!

I'm sorry to hear that it looks like you didn't get the Golf Bucks even though you managed a Great Shot with 35 cards.

As you can only get the Great Shot Bonus once per hole, you wouldn't get the bonus again if you fill the meter on a hole where you had earned it before.

If it was a hole that you hadn't played before it could be that the game didn't register it properly. In this case playing the hole again and trying to earn another Great Shot should fix the problem!

I hope this helps!


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