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The Gate

[Post New]by Mercurie on Aug 16, 13 3:12 AM
I'm stuck on the 4th island where the mission is to examine the gate...
Where is the gate ????
Cannot find it on any island.
Please help

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Re:The Gate

[Post New]by suki26 on Aug 16, 13 4:28 AM
The gate is on the 4th Island. Kind of on the right hand side above the camp.

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Re:The Gate

[Post New]by Nicole0929 on Sep 20, 14 11:04 AM
I"m also on the 4th island and can't find this gate. On the right hand side there is what looks like a mine entrance...a wooden arch over boulders....but no gate. I can't interact with the mine yet....I have clicked everywhere. Is there a trigger ?

I have completed all of the other missions and this is only thing I can do before I get to explore the mine.

Is there a piece of equipment that I need to examine this gate?

Is in the stone paths that move to the top?

I'm really at a loss here ..a screenshot would make you my bestest friend ever lol...thanks in advance to anybody who can respond.


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