Missing pine needle

[Post New]by Cocolee26 on Aug 17, 13 11:52 PM
Have lost the pine needle from the anvil window, don't know where it's gone so can't get past the tea making

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Re:Missing pine needle

[Post New]by jmidge0217 on Aug 18, 13 12:12 AM
Try making regular tea in the kitchen-I think that will work


Re:Missing pine needle

[Post New]by Cocolee26 on Aug 18, 13 12:23 AM
I did but no good


Re:Missing pine needle

[Post New]by fairyann912 on Aug 18, 13 5:14 PM
Honestly I think the "pine needles" are just herbs. If you added them to the cup already they will disappear. Try combining the cup with the other things (cup with ice, lighter with wood to make fire, fire with cup).

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Re:Missing pine needle

[Post New]by BarbaraFish on Aug 9, 14 1:07 AM
If like me, you just bought this game at the 2.99 special and find none of the above work, here is the solution.

The pine needle tea is to be made with the stuff inside the box - completely and only the stuff inside the anvil box in the lower right corner.

Light the fire, use the pick to get ice cubes, put the ice cubes in the cup, add the pine needles and put the cup over the fire.

There are more like this to come.

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Re:Missing pine needle

[Post New]by CoordinationNOT on Jan 23, 15 2:27 PM
Make normal tea in the kitchen and serve it. That should help

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Re:Missing pine needle

[Post New]by queenjanis on Jul 14, 15 3:49 PM
It does help to serve normal tea.


Re:Missing pine needle

[Post New]by DeniseAaron on Jul 16, 15 1:49 PM
Can't fine pine needles to make pine needle tea I'm on level 15

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