Stage 2 Level 2

[Post New]by Night_Player_zz on Aug 18, 13 8:11 PM
I get two stars. What am I missing. I find one secret area. Two of the critters that have eyes and appear when your back is to them. What else?


Re:Stage 2 Level 2

[Post New]by sas1403 on Aug 31, 14 11:35 PM
1. Find all the coins. Use Darter to help you.
2. There may be more hidden enemies still out there. Use Scout to help you (when you've unlocked him)
3. When you're about to enter the whirlpool to finish the level, make sure there aren't any light blue glowing bits on the edge of the screen. If there are, it means you still have some friends left wandering around
4. Check the map to see if you've missed out any secret areas.

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