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Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Aug 20, 13 1:10 AM
Hey everyone!

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Aug 20, 13 1:10 AM
I also wanted to add that this thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by JustTheFacts on Aug 20, 13 3:16 AM
Funfilled Match 3 Mixed With Building


Primarily, I guess, a Match 3 game, it is some interesting twists borrowed from the building genre. Some of these are new to my admittedly limited experience, so bear with me if you’ve seen it all before.

The Emperor is founding a new empire, which means finding resources, refining them and using them. As we progress we have more and more options on what buildings will be available, and each has a certain price, and will produce certain resources. At this stage, the Emperor is controlling the building plan, so you must put up what he says, but we soon get alternatives that we can choose between. We don’t get to choose the site though. Buildings can also be upgraded.

In order to get the money and resources we need to build, we play Match 3. These come with the usual patterns and power ups, but each level is made unique by including different tasks. So, in one level, we must clear the tiles, but also have to get the ship to the bottom of the grid, then fill it with a specific number and type of resource by clearing these items. I’ve not seen this before. Also, some levels are “Events”, where a specific goal. For example, ‘we need to get that whale gone, it’s eating all the fish’.

The graphics are colourful and detailed and very imaginative. There is a constant dialogue between the Emperor and his minions (skippable speech balloons). The music is mostly nautical and a bit repetitive.

There are achievements to be had, including some I’m not so proud of – going 3 levels without a trophy, for example. And each level can be replayed to improve your score.

You have the choice of timed or untimed, and even on untimed, I felt the pressure. The Match 3 levels seemed quite challenging, especially since they were just the first few levels.

There is a tutorial, which while it covered the basics, actually confused me more.

I really enjoyed playing this one, which says something, because I’m hopeless at these sort of games, and they are not something I’d normally choose.

Best measure, I ran out of time on the demo before I was ready for a break!

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by Badut on Aug 20, 13 3:40 AM
This is a very interesting M-3 and even though I dont normally play them, I still found it difficult to stop And it is very long if you want all the trophies.

Only set back - a part from an occasionally slow cursor - is the instructions. Yes, there is a tutorial, but as said by JustTheFacts it doesnt really help. I still have problems figuring out how to trigger the combo thingy

That said I recommend the game as it really is great fun

Okay - after playing the game all the way through twice, I can no longer recommend it, since it cannot be finished. To get all the trophies you have to play some "secret mission" which never shows up. The devs are nowhere to be found - probably because the game is old.

IF someone should come up with a way to trigger the secret mission I will of course change my review accordingly. Until then - dont waste your money on an unfinished game

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by Hespera on Aug 20, 13 5:41 AM
I had the pleasure of Beta testing this game and found it to be lots of fun. It offers timed and untimed modes as well as very smooth board action.

You can turn on board tips, which teaches useful things things like combo mode is activated by making 16 quick matches in a row, how to use the bombs and bonuses, etc.

You can make moves while the board is active, which is a big plus for me. My only wish is that the boards were larger. It seems that all the Match 3's these days are going for small boards. I do miss the days of the old Fishdoms with large boards.

But this is a very fun game and provides lots of challenges in timed mode and building the camp is enjoyable, too.

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by pb_2 on Aug 20, 13 10:33 PM
I'm enjoying the game, though the cursor does seem to slow down at times. One thing that distracts me is the bomb explosions. The board shakes, causing my focus to shift. Please see if the developers could 'banish the bomb bounce'! And while they're at it, could they improve the tutorial so it actually tells us how to do everything. There seems to be gaps in the info.

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Aug 21, 13 4:12 AM
I usually dont quite like m3, coz after a while it gets same same. But this is super fun, loads of stuff to buy, building a kingdom, and wow graphics, and nice animation as blocks are blasted, loads of powerups to help u when u match 3, 4, 5, with hammers dynamite sticks etc as well

Its Fun, colorful and its so suitable as a diversion for kids as well

GO change your stamps


Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by CoordinationNOT on Aug 21, 13 7:51 AM
What a cute game. The graphics are great, the game has a smooth play. I like the story line. This is a buy for me!

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by SavemeJack on Aug 21, 13 6:14 PM
I am such a sucker for a Match-3 without a timer! I'm certainly glad BF has gotten a couple new Match-3's in the last few months, as it has been pretty dry.

Just finished the demo. What to say, what to say.....

Nice graphics; rather a catchy story to it, tiles will not send you into seizures as they don't flash and there are no bright lights, the tiles are appropriate for the game - it is a nautical-themed game so the tiles are anchors, ships, food for the guys, wood to build things with, etc. No ducks or champagne glasses or shoes!

The biggest thing wrong is the small boards, although when you unlock a lock, they do expand a little bit. It is not full-screen, and really, the boards are awfully small. Yes, the instructions leave a bit to be desired, but a match-3 player could surely figure them out. The trophies, on the other hand - well, I noticed you could mouse over them and see what they were about, how far along you were in gaining one, and like Just the Facts said, there are some you don't really want to achieve.

Tons of powerups and bombs and arrows that clear rows, etc., but those were confusing to me. Didn't seem like you had a choice of what powerup to use! You earn them as you go along, but there is only a hammer to use to get rid of a tile. Don't know how to pick the power up I want, and then use it.

No voice overs, music repetitive, building is done without any input from you - only if you want to upgrade a building, but still built by the game and placed where they want it.

I enjoyed my hour's demo, no doubt. Think I'm really looking for another great Match-3, complicated, large screen, spend more than 5 minutes on a level, not quite so many powerups, and, of course, untimed - which this one is, as well as timed.

Missing something in this game. Is it too easy? Does it seem like you're just there to make the matches and the game does the rest? I'm sure it will get harder as the game progresses, but will it ever be any different? I doubt it. Without that special something that gets to you in a good Match-3, and with very small boards, this is a , and one more for me.

Of course, please try it first. It may be just what you are searching for! Happy gaming ies, and .

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by ataloss on Aug 21, 13 10:37 PM
Cute! I like it.

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by jgehrke on Aug 25, 13 5:20 PM
One of the best match 3 games in a while A good mix of variety and fun. My only minor complaint is it seems a bit easy so far after 25 levels or so. Otherwise I like it.

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by katbear50 on Aug 26, 13 8:27 PM
First off, I have to say
As many others who have commented here, I'm not a big M3 Gamer,
but have really enjoyed this one.
Normally I keep one serious long playing game, and one just a break with something simple game, going at all times...
however with this one I find myself going back to more often, and playing for longer periods of time.
All my 'buildings/etc' are maxed out in Gold, and just checked for the requirements
to complete the final phase of the Palace.......
This one's gonna take some T*I*M*E!
But, YES, I would definitely recommend it!
the kat

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by urban1a on Aug 29, 13 10:33 AM
I don't usually do this at all, but this game is my favorite M3 game so far. Previously, my favorite games was 4 Elements, followed by the 7 Wonders games. Imperial Island kept my interest (except for the uber addictive Chuzzles, of course) much more than most M3 games.

I'll definitely keep a watch out for more QuickClick games in the future.



Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by creationist on Sep 1, 13 11:56 AM
I like Match 3 games and am hedging on this one. The graphics are nice and the game, as a whole, is a lot of fun. I like that you can get achievements. BUT, I usually play Match 3 in timed mode and I found the timer on this game to be not at all generous. Even in the demo, I had to do a couple of levels several times to beat the timer -- that usually doesn't happen to me until way late in a game. So i'd say to really take that into consideration if you are thinking of buying it.

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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by shripch on Sep 6, 13 12:56 AM
What a fun game! Colorful, funny, sweet, great graphics, sound effects that enhance the experience. This game is a real keeper, and I plan on playing it more than once. I really like the way the artists made this little world come alive, touches that surprise and delight. Like the entertainment center! The last chair falling into place just slightly after the rest, and the airport! Panes zooming! And trains chugging! And the graphics in the match three game play are just incredible. Drawn with obvious pleasure by the developers who dotted every I and crossed every T. Thank you for a gem, and I look forward to more games from this developer.

Whale Shark
Whale Shark
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Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by LizzieK on Sep 7, 13 6:10 PM
This is a fun game but unfortunately if you want a whole functioning game you must look elsewhere. This developer left out a part of the game, an achievement. If you don't mind getting a defective game this one is fun to play. You just can't complete it and earn all of the achievements.

They even released an update and still didn't fix the missing achievement.

The ruler on the land in the game is rather autocratic and sometimes selfish and demanding.

The graphics are old cartoon style but they are bright and colorful. The mechanics of the game are fun. It is a very long game, mainly because you really can't finish it due to the missing parts.


Re:Reviews for Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Jan 9, 14 5:11 PM
I completed building the city...WOW what a SWEET RIDE, this M3 HAS IT ALL, and than some, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The DETAIL of the city, just blows me away, BRILLIANT, you can see the trucks, cars etc, riding around the city, every detail down to the tiniest thing, it's just AMAZING!!
This is surely a FEAST for the eye's, if your into M3'S, this one is NOT to be missed, it has ALL of the bells and whistle's anyone could want in a game, it is LOADED to the max !!

The game play is like no other, there are so many things to do it will make your head spin ( in the best possible way of )!!
There are bombs, chests, airplanes, lightning, etc, etc, and the faster you play, the better it becomes, guess that is why the developers name is Quick Click, it WILL keep you on your toes, fingers, knee', you will need every available body part, to keep up.
Usually I don't care for games, were you need to be quick, BUT this one I lLOVE, you don't need to be quick, so don't let that turn you off, I just like playing it fast because there is so much happening, its like an adrenalin RUSH..WOO HOO!!
Can't get enough of this HOPE we will be seeing MORE GAMES from these developers, because they are absolutely GENIUS, when it comes to M3 games, at least IMHO anyway, well really in H0 games as well, GOT to give to those GERMAN"S, they are some intelligent people, it seems the games I really LOVE, are always made by them, in the credits!!!!
I have some German blood, but not enough I guess, missed the intelligent!!
Wish I would have posted when the game came out, but I missed it somehow, and just found it..OH what a treat, like finding buried !!

AWESOME game, couldn't be better in any area, it gets top marks on graphics, music, sound effects, game play, mechanics, visual art, power ups, etc, etc!!
FIVE ..and a and for after hours !!
Forgot to add, TROPHYS...LOVE earning those as well, now got to get back to this GEM, THANKS developers !!

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