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[b] You can give the aggressive monkey, Slugger, (the one at the porcupine and at the place above where the cliff is near the logs. He is with his female monkey, Amber, who was in the workshop and was letting you crack the nuts.) He will never be anything but angry but if you feed him you will get extra points. He doesn't want anything from Jep except food, not even music or water.

There will be 4 blue desserts so feel free to give them to Mina and Jep (1 each.) You will end the game with a lot of leftover food so, except for the beginning, feel free to feed everyone and don't overly worry about the food. There are mussels beside the wrecked helicopter, 3 crayfish running across the dead pilot's back, after you move the knife and string.

2 blue desserts are in the clay pit as well as eggs in a nest, and Jep can come back with a 21-foot pole and get these later. The other 2 blue dessert fruit are above where Jep first jumps into the swampy mud. He can use his bamboo pole to knock them into the water. Don't clean him after he crosses and forget Mina while Jep explores the island. Jep should have the sharp stick that he chewed the leaves off from the top of the beach entry. He can use it to kill the baby bird on the big kiln, and the mother bird on the tree nest. there IS A SMALL ANIMAL CALLED A LEMURID which runs and hides under some leaves on the ground. Jep can kill him also.

There are bees above the little water pool where Jep can take 3 honey from the tree, spinach in the water and he can wash himself, the blue desseerts. Then he can push over the tree to get Mina across. You can get Jep to cross the thorns on the bushes once you cut the trees down. Lay 1 pole for him to walk across and 1 to get the red fruit.

After Jep gets to the inlet area and past Len (the thief monkey) he can use his sharp stick to kill a lizard on the cliff.

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