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Tips on moving to the next island

[Post New]by toomuchsht on Aug 21, 13 1:13 PM
Before you move to the next island, always check you inventory. Unfortunately you never are allowed to take all your money, water or food with you. You can, however go back and get it once you have the money. It generally takes $10 per piece to be moved, so if you have hundreds of nuts, for example, it take a lot of $ to move them over. I always build up my jam and meat, etc. from the town before I go. Getting these with you money is very helpful after you move. make as many gold bars as you can. That gives you access to $ right away. Sell or use anything you have too much of so you can get it without spending all your $. You may as ell spend it before you move, because it will be gone as soon as you move.
Another tip is to build inexpensive tents at first to build up your work force. Build a well and kitchen, and grill as soon as possible. The grill provides food on a regular basis. Always use the tea, fish soup, and dried meat when you have to gather lots of supplies. They speed up the workers and give bonus for everything you gather.

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