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CE Bonus Music-outside of game?

[Post New]by M1rAk0n on Aug 21, 13 6:18 PM
I really love the music in this game, and think it's great you can get it with the CE, however from what I can tell you're -only- able to play it while on the extras screen.

Does anyone know if the music is accessible outside of the game/downloadable?

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Re:CE Bonus Music-outside of game?

[Post New]by GMMan_BZFlag on Sep 23, 13 12:59 PM
The music is available in the music folder in my copy (the version from the developer's site). The files are in Ogg Vorbis format (as is common these days with games), so you will need a program that is able to play Ogg Vorbis audio (like foobar2000). I'll check and see if the BFG version has them in a .sfp file (which is usually where files are in games using the Stargaze Framework).

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