Crazy Dave.....

[Post New]by oceanloverOH on Aug 21, 13 7:17 PM an idiot. I'm on level 5-7 (a rooftop level), 2nd time through the game. Crazy Dave picked 3 completely useless plants for peashooters and night plants that need me to use and extra slot for coffee beans. I cannot win this level with only 5 usable slots; not with bungee guys, ladder guys, catapult guys, and the hordes of regular zombies that start attacking very quickly. Is there ANY way to reset CD's stupid choices?

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Re:Crazy Dave.....

[Post New]by lordkalvan on Aug 23, 13 7:02 PM
If you get 3 completely useless plants, you should be able to leave the level and then quit the game (as in get out of it completely). When you come back, you should get a new set of 3 random plants.

This might be different on versions of the game other than download for desktop version though.


Re:Crazy Dave.....

[Post New]by oceanloverOH on Aug 23, 13 7:57 PM
That worked perfectly; thank you so much!

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