Stuck in the Wise One's Hut

[Post New]by DottieB2 on Aug 22, 13 6:26 PM
Im stuck in the Wise One's Hut. Can't find the moonbeam crystal. Have gone off and found other things and solved others but have to keep coming back to the hut. The owl just keeps repeating to find the moonbeam crystal and we have to talk to the wise one. When on click on his figure (...) he disappears and it goes to the find hidden objects screen. I found everything, but it wont let me complete the sun image on the fireplace and keeps telling me to start the fireplace, but the dragon isn't there and when I click to find him, he won't help and it tells me to find something else. I just keep going back and forth between the screen with the dragon and the wise one and the screen for the hidden objects that won't let me finish.

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